Mobile Driving Simulator

Paducah Transit’s Mobile Driving Simulator Safety Training has a proven record of enhancing existing training, and reducing risk through improved safety performance that has resulted in a decreased accident frequency through simulator training.  Our simulator training is a perfect fit, or addition, for your company, school district, transit agency, city or county governments, training requirements and needs.  The high tech, state of the art, Simulator is entirely self-contained in a 53’ expandable mobile classroom containing three separate simulators, which can emulate many different types of vehicles small or large.  Our mobility sets us apart, allowing us to accommodate your training needs by conveniently coming to your requested location with our certified instructors.  We can travel almost anywhere in the country, allowing for a more efficient and effective training experience while reducing the cost.


Simulator training provides instructional strategy that immerses drivers in a situation resembling reality. This type of instruction is especially important in situations where real world errors would be too dangerous or too expensive. While also protecting not only your interest, but also that of the public by putting drivers through real world training. The Simulator can also have a positive affect on many facets of an organizations bottom line with a reduction of injuries and accidents. This can result in fewer insurance claims, lost time injuries, and limiting possible litigation, all of which could result in lower insurance premiums resulting in an improved business plan.


Simulator training provides important education concentrating on additional knowledge while improving skills, technique, and their professional application. All this training results in a much safer environment for us all to live, with an improved public image of your agency or company within your community. The simulator training, added to Paducah Transit's existing training curriculum and added as a yearly requirement for all drivers, has demonstrated very positive results. Reducing major accidents by almost 75%, preventable 73% and overall 51% has been a result of simulator training. Our courses are designed to aid your agency or company with recommended Best Practices for your Professional Driver in the performance of their duties. This includes law enforcement, transit drivers, commercial drivers, emergency responders, and public works drivers. Our customizable curriculum offers adaptability to meet special training requirements. The cost of Paducah Transit’s simulator training is eligible for RTAP reimbursement. There are insurance companies, their underwriters, and also defensive driving grants that may offer reimbursement for our simulator training for their insured or represented drivers.


  • Drivers can practice dangerous scenarios without being in real danger and by not putting the public at risk with on the road training.
  • From major accidents, down to costly fender benders drivers learn how to avoid crashes.
  • lndividuals can "drive" through all kinds of weather (rain, snow, ice, wind, fog) in day or night.
  • Scenarios can be customized for you, the client, to teach your drivers how to avoid the type of accidents they are having most frequently!
  • Drivers are taught by certified driving instructors.